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The Wedding Educator

I have seen my share of good and bad professors in my years of undergrad and grad school. I can actually say that I can count on one hand the professors who have made a positive influence on my life. My wedding and event planning instructor Ms. Jacqueline Vazquez has been added to that small group. "She is simply the best, better than all the rest". She is a humble being, has a wealth of knowledge, has a passion for her craft, gives information willingly and unselfishly. Wishing her all the best life has to offer, and I pray that our creator will continue to strengthen and protect her so that she can share her wisdom. I am honored to have the privilege to know her. Thank you Jackie.

Allison G.

So honored to be amongst the 18 classes that you taught, mentored, groomed, guided, advised and encouraged. You are truly magical, and as you wish us all the best, I want you to continue to soar and lead the way. Thank you for being you, and for sharing your passion and knowledge. 

Dereine Coleman

Your guidance and teaching has taught me so much about this industry and although we don't speak often I hear your voice in my head and I almost always ask my self "am I being true to me" which is one of the most important things I've learned.

Shawnette Scott

For the 18 set of classes you have taught, have you calculated the impact you have made? It's not just the students, it's their immediate and extended families as well. Oh heck, it's the whole community! !! 
Each student gets from you a ripple that eventually becomes a giant wave in the ocean of life... yep we're making waves!!
I feel so honored to have been under your tutoring and guidance in the Wedding and Event Planning Industry. Through your class long lasting bonds have been forged among your graduates. Thank you Jacqueline!

Maxine Palmer

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A member of our Dina’s Party School team interviewed the fabulous instructor, Jacqueline Vazquez. With over 10 years of running her own event planning business, Jacqueline pays it forward by helping individuals build their own career in event planning.

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